Our company what was established as family a company at 1974 still has a dye and finishing unit.The machinery park in the paint - finishing unit is consisted of high technology especially from the facilities established on a total area of 17.000 m2 with 7.000 m2 being closed.Our company attach importance to quality because of this we constantly go on technological investments.With this way we believe both our country catch international standards and contribute our sector evolution.

Company's dye and finishing unit reply every kind of straight dying and turn fason requests,our weaving unit make :polyester, lining, terry cotton and pocket production every weight in grams.We are selling %50 of our products to inner bazaar,other part of %50 we are selling to Germany,Russia,European Union countries and community of independent states.Our company according to chamber of commerce and industury 1997 datas among first 500 establishments of Bursa our company has 144. place.İn their sector on textile has 61. place.According to 1998 datas among first 500 establishments our company has 92. place.İn their sector on textile has 34. place.

These data show that the main philosophy of our company is the highest quality and the lowest price and that the company continuously increases its targets.These are separate pride for us.